Street Art on Show

Alice Springs’ public spaces are a canvas for new works by professional and emerging artists. Street Art on Show gives you a chance to tour these works and learn more about the artists. Download the map and hit the pavement to find your favourite work of art.

Presented by: Red Hot Arts Central Australia
Supported by: Alice Springs Youth Hub

You say Galaga, I say Galaga
Location: corner of Smith and Brown St
Artist: Matty Day, assisted by Evan Muir 2012
Matty Day is a local street artist who is changing the artscape of Central Australia. You say Galaga, I say Galaga is created using stencils and aerosol paint. The work is animated continuing to change and develop, like the stages of the video game.

Welcome to the ALICE
Location: Wills Tce
InCite Youth Art collaboration 2009
Artists: DASH 88, MASSIKA, Matty Day, Miho Ponga, BERM, AEMS, ELMR NEBZ
Local artists worked collaboratively to create this work that celebrates the ancient landscape of Central Australia and acknowledges the growing modern youth culture. Welcome to the ALICE greets the thousands of visitors to Alice Springs and reminds the locals of the value and talents of our young people.

Elemental & Alice in Wonderland
Location: Kekwick Ave and adjoining Laneway
Artists: 4U2C and AEMS 2011 / 12
Elemental inspires the viewer to take the journey, while Alice in Wonderland is a mash up of old and new, classical and modern interpretations of a similar journey. 4U2C and AEMS are young graffiti artists in Alice Springs who are setting the pace and building relationships with business owners in order to beautify walls and inspire the community.

Unstoppable Nature
Location: Gregory Tce
Artists: MASSIKA and 4U2C 2012
Unstoppable Nature demonstrates how modern letter form graffiti can be merged with classic and surreal styles. MASSIKA started as a graffiti artist in Adelaide in 1984 and now works as a tattooist in Alice Springs.


Event Information

Friday 10 Aug – Monday 10 Oct

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