The Alice Desert Festival is Central Australia’s premier arts and cultural festival, celebrating the desert and its rich cultural landscape.

Every September for the last 11 years, the Alice Desert Festival (ADF) has enlivened and transformed Alice Springs with a bold cultural celebration based on the highest quality art and big ideas. More than any other cultural event, the Alice Desert Festival defines the region’s personality and artistic spirit.

The Festival will open on 10th of August and the peak season starts on 7th September with the HUB weekend – a unique showcase of local and national music, dance and culture that attracts over 10,000 people.  The peak Festival period will continue for ten days of ticketed and free events.

The program is kaleidoscopic in its diversity, from cabaret to the Bush Bands Bash to the Wearable Art Awards; from contemporary dance to family programs to traditional Indigenous arts. With classical music, culinary programs, literature and theatre, the Festival has something for everyone!

The program comprises around 40 performances and over 60 events performed by over 1,000 artists in at least 20 venues each year. In all, the Festival attracts an audience of over 50,000.

Inclusive programming, a broad range of free events and accessible pricing policies for the ticketed shows means that the Alice Desert Festival is open to all, welcoming Central Australians and visitors.

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