Dear Comrades,
We appreciate your inquisitiveness.
Let us take it to the next level.
Read on if you are game.

Part scavenger hunt, part public performance and part spectacle. This interactive journey will engage, challenge and inspire. Experience the Alice Springs CBD like never before.

There will be bengal tigers, aliens from forgotten planets, a lost mermaid, melodrama for the masses and of course, you!

Come with a pre-arranged team of 4-5 seekers or as a lone soldier; we don’t mind.

Presented by: Red Hot Arts Central Australia

Creative Producer: Frances Parkes
Chief Operations Officer: The Underdog

Event Information

Saturday 15 Sept, 10am–3pm

Alice Springs CBD (Meeting place advised on registration)

Cost: Limited number of seeker registrations available: $5 per person, $20 team (5 max).

Knock three times: [email protected]

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