Bamba and the Big Tree (Schools Performance)

Bamba and the Big Tree is a play about cultural values taken from a Gambian folk story.  It is a dynamic, interactive performance with traditional African dance and drumming.


Presented by: Tangentyere Youth Services and Red Hot Arts Central Australia

Written by and featuring: King Marong, Bec Matthews, Peter Lowson and the dancers, actors and drummers from Drum Atweme

Event Information

Thursday 13 Sept, 11am–12pm & 1–2pm

Festival Club Big Top, Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Tuncks Rd

Cost: $4 per person

Audience Suitability: School Children

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Bamba and the Big Tree
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  1. A wonderful, lively show for kids of all ages. Congratulations to all, especially the narrator!

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