Hello and welcome to the 2012 Alice Desert Festival.

This year we embark on a Festival that speaks of the unique space in which we find ourselves.  This Festival represents a chance to engage with the artistic and cultural heart of the central desert. This engagement transcends the usual performer–audience dynamic. Over 200 artists contributing to over 50 projects converge within the Festival this year. For those interstate artists who come to perform, it is not a matter of flying in, performing, and flying out, it’s about value adding to the artistic spirit of Alice Springs and forging new pathways alongside the local artistic community.

I am constantly in awe of the non-stop creative energy and capacity of Central Australian artists. The Festival is welcoming a range of artistic partners to present events across the whole spectrum of art forms.

This Festival isn’t a one way conversation. It exists to allow you, the audience, to express yourselves just as much as it does for those on the stage, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, detailed in the following pages.  You’ve got two months of listening, laughing, tasting, seeing, learning and interacting ahead of you.

I look forward to seeing you all amongst it.

Joe Pickett
Festival Manager

Festival time is a time for us to come together, a time to celebrate who we are and where we are, a time to share our stories and a time to look forward as a community. The 2012 Alice Desert Festival is a delicious program of activities and entertainment that reflects the richness and diversity of Alice Springs and Central Australia – there is something for everyone!

Red Hot Arts Central Australia is proud to invite your participation in the 2012 Alice Desert Festival. We hope that you, your family and your friends are able to join with us and sample from this exquisite menu of cultural, creative and artistic fare!

Tony Duke
Red Hot Arts Central Australia


Here we are again for another action-packed Alice Desert Festival!

I am proud to say that the Alice Springs Town Council has been a strong supporter of the Festival and contributes significantly both with funding and in-kind support.

The Festival is a great way to support the arts and celebrate Alice’s cultural diversity.  It also helps grow our fantastic local talent and attract visitors to our beautiful region.

I’d like to acknowledge the Alice Desert Festival team, the sponsors and the many volunteers for their tireless efforts in putting on such a great show each year.

See you at the Festival!

Damien Ryan
Alice Springs Town Council


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